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Our Decadent Intrigue bar is a lavishly lush blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine. Indulge in this Sexy feminine scent, loaded with promises to leave skin clean, nourishes and hydrated.

Using a natural handcrafted soap is loaded with lots of skin benefits, it pulls moisture to itself and around the skin, leaving skin plump and younger looking.

Scent is one of the most powerful of our five senses. Smelling a fragrance can trigger a treasured memory and provoke enjoyable thoughts.

Kaolin Clay in this bar act as a cleanser and detoxifies. Kaolin clay has the power to pull dirt and other impurities out of the skin pores, gently cleansing without causing redness. The crystals found naturally in kaolin clay are great for exfoliating dead or damaged skin cells and other debris from the surface of the skin. Absorbs Excess Oil. Because kaolin clay is super-absorbent, it effortlessly draws excess oil out of the skin and, over time, helps to balance the skin's oil production levels. It also tones and stimulates. When used long-term, kaolin clay creates a beautifully tightened and toned quality to the skin.

Saponification. Organic Cocoa Butters, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Rice Barn Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Soybean Oil, Castor Oil, Kaolin Clay, Certified Orange Essential Oil, Peach, Cherry and Jasmine EO FO Blend and Mineral Mica.

All our handcrafted bath and body products are from free harsh preservatives and chemicals.

* Vegan

*Cruelty Free

*Gluten Free

*Paraben Free

*Sulfate Free

*Phthalate Fr